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These days there seems to be noise coming from all directions making it difficult to hear your own voice. This song is about getting lost with those you care about. This way there might be a chance to find your own song.

from a very tall forest with the”The Lost Video.” Filmed in a stand of Redwood trees near Santa Cruz California. We drove up the Big sur and set up near a small stream in a small park. Luckily Hayden got a little background footage and we were getting through the first verse when some rangers came up and shut us down. They then proceeded to escort us out of the park. Do you think serenading the redwoods is a crime?…anyway I took what I had with footage along the Big Sur and did some improvised compositing. The footage of the redwoods came out stunning. The Fog River footage was just a freak of nature and was an unplanned suprise. The song originated while in school in Indiana. The harmony in the final verse is a recent addition that had been haunting me for several years and finally came together. The song explores the fantasy of being lost with someone you care about, even though the feeling may not be mutual…and yes that situation is older than the redwoods.

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