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Bay Street

In the early 1900’s small business owner Arthur Valentine planned on family beach outing for Memorial Day. The day was hot and while fixing his taxi the song “Bay Street” brings Valentino some cool beach breezes. As song finishes lawyer Charles Darden visits to change his taxi Appointment since his court time has changed. The scene for song is a digital composite of two historic Santa Monica buildings. The Red Brick building built in 1930’s sits at the corner of Vincente Terrace and Appian Way on the Beach. The small yellow house is the historic “Shotgun House” located across the alley from the Main Street Santa Monica Library. Production is underway on the story of the Taxi Driver named Valentino who was shot on the beach on Memorial Day by the Santa Monica Police. Events surrounding this led to the creation of Bay Street Beach in Santa Monica. The Video cover is the surfer burial on Bay Street Beach for Ray Floyd.

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