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Yellow and Blue

Origin of Song

On 3/13/2022 I posted Yellow and Blue video on my website. Though we are a long way away from the conflict in Ukraine. It seems we are all suffering. The sea connects us … one world. When they suffer we suffer as well. The song is my small attempt to pay tribute to their honor and sacrifice. Click on Ukraine Flag to download song and donate.

On March 23rd from 7:00PM to 11:00PM the Pier is having a special light show featuring a waving Ukrainian flag programmed into the Ferris wheel lights. This is connected with a Red Cross fundraiser for Ukraine.

One World

At the Pier Light Show for Ukraine I discussed how we are all connected by the sea and are “One World”. This is captured by GIF to the right. The pier behind me focused to produce a “Ukrainian Bokeh” with lights of Ferris wheel. Click on GIF to connect to video download for Yellow & Blue to donate to Ukraine relief fund.

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