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The People and Culture of Ukraine

Ukraine, an Eastern European country with a vast cultural as well as a rich history of linguistics is a great illustration of this. Many of its citizens are at least partially bilingual in Ukrainian and Russian.

Ukraine has gained its independence in 1991 has tried to establish itself as a sovereign country while maintaining close ties with Western institutions like the European Union or NATO. However, internal conflicts make it much more challenging.

The Orange Revolution, a popular uprising in 2011, swept the president Viktor Yanukovych from office and started a wave of opposition to the political system. This led to the political shift that resulted in the elections of president Victory Yushchenko.

Ukrainians have a wide range of ethnicities and religions. Although the majority of them are Orthodox Christians there is also a large number of Roman ritual Catholics as well as Protestants.

Cuisine: Grains and vegetables are a staple in Ukrainian cuisine. This is due to Ukraine is home to one of the most fertile soil for growing a variety of plants.

Pierogies are an extremely popular Ukrainian food that can be either baked or fried and include an egg, flour, along with potato and flour filling. They can be filled with various ingredients, including a cheese and sour cream mix or minced meat.

It is possible to stuff holubtsi with pork, meat or even vegetables. They can also be cooked in a variety of ways. They can be served as an appetizer or as main courses and they are typically served with soups, stews or sauces.