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Original Lyrics for WaveDance signed by author in poster 16:9 format and Letter 8.5″ x 11″


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Catch the wave with official song lyrics signed by author. Lyrics are offered in two different formats for each song. First format is a 16:9 poster format and the second is 8.5″x11″ page format. Lyrics are copyrighted and can only be distributed by songswell.

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WaveDance_Lyrics_Poster.jpg, WaveDance_Lyrics_Letter.jpg, Bigfoot_Lyrics_Poster.jpg, Bigfoot_Lyrics_Letter.jpg, Bro'sJoshua_Lyrics_Poster.jpg, Bro'sJoshua_Lyrics_Letter.jpg, Lost_Lyrics_Poster.jpg, Lost_Lyrics_Letter.jpg, AlohaAroha_Lyrics_Poster.jpg, AlohaAroha_Lyrics_Letter.jpg


WaveDance_Lyrics, SalaMala_Lyrics, Bigfoot_Lyrics, Bro'sJoshua_Lyrics, Lost_Lyrics, YourLight_Lyrics, AlohaAroha_Lyrics, CactusRose_Lyrics, MomentOfJoy_Lyrics, Papa'sSong_Lyrics, LtlBigHorn_Lyrics, GoinToAfrika_Lyrics, LtlriverSong_Lyrics, GypsyQueen_Lyrics, Lay_Lyrics, BeWaBoBo_Lyrics, Eclipse_Lyrics, LuckyMtn_Lyrics, MobFun_Lyrics, MyWikileak_Lyrics, Cure_Lyrics, BayStreet_Lyrics, TwistedWords_Lyrics


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